Giant rabbit schematics and data interface

Giant Rabbit provides strategy and support for effective fundraising.

Giant Rabbit can ensure your technology matches your aspirations, whether you plan to post a few tweets on #GivingTuesday or you plan to raise major segments of your annual budget during a major year-end campaign. 

In addition to our “bare metal” technical capabilities―setting up dynamic donation forms, integrating CRMs, providing CRM maintenance and support―Giant Rabbit can:

Enhance your organic list-building tools. Email appeals are still the backbone of online fundraising. Giant Rabbit can build the website features that you need to build long-term relationships with supporters, and can help you plan list-building campaigns that harness the shared passion for your mission.

Build campaign performance tracking tools and strategy. You can have better tools for reviewing campaign results and improving future fundraising campaigns. We help clients with site/campaign analytics at a range of scopes and scales: If you’re starting from scratch, we can help answer your most common, meaningful questions while creating a stable base for future analysis. If you have tracking in place and need help disentangling your data collection, our audit reports and baseline metrics can inform a healthy “reset” of your analytics tools and make them more usable. If your campaign involves sophisticated segments, multi-channel marketing, and custom website features, we’ll make sure you can track the impact that goes along with all of your dedicated work.

Define supporter segments. An ambitious mission will draw in a diverse crowd. Find out what brings your supporters to the table--or make educated guesses that can be refined later--so you can keep people engaged with your mission. We can analyze your existing segments, CRM data, and site analytics to uncover patterns or guide a process for learning more about the communities that are invested in your mission.

Plan campaign schedule and content. Giant Rabbit can help your team establish an effective and comfortable cadence for soliciting donations across your site, email, and social channels. If helpful, we can provide guidelines and advice for writing email and website copy that holds attention and drives donations―we know how difficult it can be to face a blank “compose” page. We also design donation pages and email templates for seasonal campaigns or evergreen use. (Our planning process prioritizes staff capacity with attention to impact―we know that you and your most effective staff members are busy!)

Email list cleanup. Email deliverability increasingly relies on maintaining “clean” lists of contacts whose behaviors validate your organization’s relationship with them: bounce rates, open rates, complaints, and other factors can play a role. Giant Rabbit can help you evaluate who among your contacts to keep moving forward, and which email addresses are not worth maintaining through their inactivity.

Google Ad Grant Support. If your organization receives free search advertising through the Google Ad Grant program, we can help you make the most of it. We can help you tailor your ads, evaluate results, and coordinate with other marketing and outreach efforts. If your account has been disabled due to compliance issues, we can help you meet the requirements and reapply for the program.

Interim, continuity fundraising operations. If you find yourself without fundraising leadership at a critical time, Giant Rabbit can step in to maintain your campaign cadence on an interim basis. We support our clients through major and minor transitions, the planned and the unforeseen, and can maintain engagement and financial support for your mission.

Let's discuss your short-term and long-term goals, then we can prepare a right-sized roadmap for support, whether that involves a few hours of website feature development to capitalize on #GivingTuesday or a comprehensive blueprint for an end-of-year campaign this year and beyond.