Managed Hosting

Managed hosting, right-sized for your needs.

Giant Rabbit offers managed hosting for Drupal, WordPress, CiviCRM, and other applications, with a dedicated server hand-tuned to your specific needs. We provide comprehensive server maintenance and disaster recovery, so you never need to worry about site updates or backups.

GR's Unique Distributed Infrastructure

It's a core GR value that our clients own their own digital assets directly. With our distributed infrastructure, you'll create and own your own AWS or Digital Ocean account, and add us as a user so that we can configure and manage your Ubuntu server for you. Our ansible scripts allow us to maintain your server and websites efficiently and effectively.

Meanwhile, you'll always have a whole team standing by to support you at Giant Rabbit.

If you need something, a real person who knows your technology - and your people - is here to help.

Custom scaling and performance monitoring

Most WordPress or Drupal websites run well on a single server, but if you need more (or you're bracing for a big event) we can scale your site to be as robust as it needs to be, even spanning multiple servers in different regions with load balancing, if necessary. We'll monitor your uptime and tune your setup until it works for you.

Our Managed Hosting Services
Cloud Service

Digital Ocean

Amazon Web Services


Git version control

Nightly database & file backup

Ansible open source IT automation

Let's Encrypt non-profit certificate authority

Staging, Test, Security Updates, and Production environments

Amazon Simple Email Service



Security updates

Website uptime

Database & file backup verification

Server email deliverability