Meet the Rabbits

Our staff has a wide range of technical and nontechnical backgrounds, from software developers to nonprofit leaders. We have far-reaching experience with technology, design, communications, and the practical ins and outs of completing projects successfully.

Aiden Kent

Senior Project Manager

Aiden’s diverse background across a range of technical and creative disciplines means they are equipped to steward GR client visions with empathy, honesty, and humor (and a bit of magic here and there).  She holds 12 years of combined experience in stage management, marketing, communications, and creative direction and a BA in journalism from DePaul University. Aiden lives in Portland, OR with her husband and doggy. 

Anna Heath

Lead Technical Strategist

Anna has served as both a developer and a project manager on some of GR's most technically-challenging projects, large and small. As our Lead Technical Strategist, she guides the choices that shape a project from start to finish. She entered the non-profit world at the tender age of 11, when she was taken in by a troupe of traveling players, and never looked back.

Anthony Nemirovsky

Tech Lead

Anthony has years of experience planning and building websites and data systems; he has also worked as a project manager on some of GR's longest-running development and support projects. That technological and practical perspective makes him one of GR's Tech Leads; he works with a wide range of ongoing projects to make sure that both the implementation details and the project overall are headed in a successful direction.

Ben Wheeler

Senior Drupal Developer

Ben has years of Drupal experience and has worked on some of GR's biggest and most complex builds. His extensive Drupal experience makes him a leader of GR's constantly evolving Drupal best practices. He is also a seasoned front-end developer, with a detailed eye for rendering flat designs into dynamic, responsive Drupal themes. Ben studies Hakomi and somatic psychotherapy in his spare time.

Daniel Heath


Daniel oversees strategy, planning and implementation for GR's slate of projects. He has managed hundreds of large and small web and data projects from initial planning through implementation through long-term maintenance, support, and evolution. He is also a nationally-produced playwright.

Eli Lisseck


Eli has spent most of his career focused on Drupal and CiviCRM development for mission-based organizations. He has years of experience translating organizational needs into technical solutions. Before he was a developer, Eli worked in the nonprofit world and completed a permaculture design certification. Outside the office you'll find Eli tinkering with bicycles, or out on a ride around San Diego.

Hanna Miller

Project Strategist

An adept generalist with an eye for detail, Hanna connects mission-driven people and projects with the strategies and technology they need to do good work. Hanna honed her skills at Impact Justice prior to joining the Giant Rabbit team, and can be found knitting, embroidering, weaving, crafting, gaming, and hiking when she's not problem-solving for her clients.

Kate Rabuck

Project Manager

Prior to joining Giant Rabbit, Kate worked in botanic gardens and zoos connecting the public to nature through education, experiences, and exhibitions, leading organizations to embrace technology, data, and processes that increase mission impact. Out of the office, she is an enthusiastic DIYer, dog mom, and chicken tender.

Katie Vaughan

Project Manager

Katie is a PMP-certified project manager with a background in marketing and communications. Prior to joining Giant Rabbit, she managed the execution of website development projects and multi-channel marketing campaigns at a digital marketing agency. She has experience managing cross-functional creative and technical teams and overseeing company-wide process development and improvement. Outside of work she can be found hiking, paddle boarding, reading, fostering dogs, and watching women’s soccer. (Go Thorns!)

Kilah Willingham

Systems Administrator

After a career in banking and arts management, Kilah turned her skills toward Systems Administration, and is responsible for improving our internal systems and keeping our servers and websites secure. When not writing and running her ansible scripts, she can be found designing at her sewing machine, trekking in the California desert, or landing commercial gigs as an in-demand LA actress.

Lauren Blais

Technical strategist

Lauren brings more than a decade of experience developing scaleable, sustainable Drupal websites in higher ed to her role as technical strategist. Beyond the tech realm, she works with her local government to advance bike and pedestrian safety and teaches aerial dance at a non-profit in her hometown of Athens, Georgia.

Liana Dillaway

Project Manager

Prior to joining the Giant Rabbit team, Liana worked as a stage manager at the circus, where she developed a flexible management style and the ability to expertly juggle a wide array of projects with varying creative desires and technological requirements. When not helping her clients stick the proverbial landing, Liana can be found gaming, reading, hiking and hanging out with her cat, Boota.

Maxamaris Hoppe

Senior Project Manager
any pronouns

Max is a veteran project manager with years of experience planning and building websites, as well as providing support for the humans who use them. Armed with a degree in creative writing, Max began her project management career with WordPress websites for professional authors. Max began her work with giant rabbits in 2006 when she starred in her high school production of Harvey and she's thrilled to be back in such good company. Outside the office, Max spends her time with cats, books, and baked goods. 

Peter Haight


Peter is Giant Rabbit's technical leader; he has decades of experience planning and implementing software projects for both tiny nonprofits and industry-leading start-ups. He guides GR's technical processes from systems administration through development and long-term support, and acts as GR's highest point of escalation for all technical issues. He really, really, really understands how this stuff works.

Qudsia Aziz


Qudsia is a developer with a strong focus on open source technologies including Drupal, Laravel, and Vue.js. She has spent years crafting impactful solutions for mission-driven organizations, striving to make a difference through technology. Outside of work, Qudsia enjoys watercolor painting, exploring nature trails, and meditating.

Richard Esguerra

Managing Director

Richard Esguerra helps clients chart a sustainable path forward, integrating the latest in technology with insights from years in non-profit development and management. Specializing in performance metrics and the stories told by data, he understands the distinct challenges facing non-profit organizations and shares the passion underpinning our clients’ mission-driven work.

Tristan Wolfe


After years of managing web projects for professional authors, Tristan crossed over and became a Drupal and WordPress developer. His work as both a project manager and a developer gives him a 360 degree view of web technology, from conception to execution. On sunny days Tristan can be found exploring the beautiful woods of the west coast, and on rainy days his journeys take him into the pages of his favorite fantasy novels.