The internet can be pretty daunting sometimes. We can help.

When we host your site, we vigilantly monitor security issues and software updates. When a new vulnerability is disclosed for WordPress, Drupal, Backdrop, CiviCRM, PHP, or any other software running on your server, a GR developer will evaluate the update as it pertains to your specific site.

If we determine the update is urgent for your site, we'll apply the update right away in a testing environment, run through your site's test plan, and deploy the patch. If we determine your particular site is not at risk for exploitation, we will apply the update during your next regularly-scheduled round of security updates.

Spammers, hackers, card skimmers, phishers, and evil bots

We'll work with you to keep your site secure and minimize the impact of internet pests on your staff and users. From setting up DMARC policies, to configuring DDOS protection through Cloudflare, to resuscitating a compromised site that we're taking over from a former vendor (for more, visit our Rescue page!), we'll give you plain-language explanations of what's happening and how we're going to guard against it happening again.

A balanced, human approach to security

It's our role to be a good steward of your resources, and to make pragmatic recommendations that are cost-effective and right-sized for your organization and the challenges you face. Our standard security practices fit the needs of most of our clients. In cases where an organization has greater security needs, we're here to help our clients make responsible decisions to keep their data and their people safe.

Our Security Services

Cloudflare configuration

Amazon Simple Email Service Spam Monitoring

Strict server file permissioning

Nightly database & file backups


Security updates

Website uptime

Database & file backup verification

Server email deliverability